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Applica has given financial backing to two new films

"Vijay and I" directed by Sam Garbarski
Will is a talented actor stuck on a children's TV show where he portrays a hapless green rabbit. He bears his fate with touching self-irony, but grows sulky when he thinks that his family and friends have forgotten his 40th birthday. In the confusion following a road accident, everyone believes he is dead. Instead of rectifying the situation, Will decides to attend his own funeral to learn what everyone really thinks of him. He becomes Vijay Singh, and is surprised to learn some embarrassing truths about himself. On top of it, his wife takes a romantic interest in this elegant stranger…


"Je fais le mort" directed by Jean-Paul Salomé
Jean has reached rock bottom. Desperately looking for work, he accepts a peculiar job: playing the corpse during the reconstruction of crime scenes. His obsession for details will eventually pave the way for his return to the centre stage in a tricky murder mistery.

Client Satisfaction
Audit 2009

Process & Resources
Audit 2012

Films supported so far:
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