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Loredana Sementini, Managing Director
After working for a number of years as a project coordinator in Rome, Loredana has been Managing Director of Applica since 1992. She has long experience in coordinating research projects and international networks of experts as well as managing the production and publication of many major reports published by the European Commission in recent years, including the four Reports on Economic and Social Cohesion. An Italian, she is fluent in English and French.

Terry Ward, Director of Studies
Terry Ward was a senior research officer in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Cambridge for many years working on economic policy questions. He co-founded Alphametrics in the UK, of which he is Managing Director, in 1983, and Applica in 1992. Since then he has undertaken a great many studies on economic and social issues for the European institutions, directed several large scale international research projects and assisted in the preparation of a number of major Commission reports. He has unparalleled knowledge of European data on economic development, employment and labour markets, social protection, income distribution, Industrial restructuring and sector studies and education and training.

Francis Cripps, Director
Francis Cripps was for many years a senior research officer in the University of Cambridge Department of Applied Economics where he designed a number of economic models for analysing regional, national and global developments. With Terry Ward, he co-founded Alphametrics in 1983 and Applica in 1992. Since then he has developed a range of computer systems for economic and financial applications, including, with the support of the UN, a 'variable-geography' model of the world economy containing data for 127 countries, designed to analyse global policy issues. He has established a network of users across the world, including in China, India, other parts of South-East Asia and Latin America.
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